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I live in Huntsville, Alabama with my husband and three daughters. We enjoy backyard cookouts, lounging on the backyard swing and watching movies together. Whatever we are doing, we always make room for our dog, Buddy, and you can usually hear our two parrots, Kiwi and Cinnamon, chattering in the background.

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I began practicing instructional design in the late 90s, long before I ever heard the term instructional design. At the time, I thought of myself as a visual designer that had a knack for storytelling and enough programming know-how to make things work. As I began working with clients, solving problems and designing outcome-oriented solutions gave me joy.

Later in my career, I taught technology education in a K-5 school. Pulling from my experience, I developed curriculum and designed visually-appealing, interactive activities for multiple grade levels. I found myself back in the problem-solving business and, once again, relished working with people and helping them discover and learn new things. 

Having worked in both the corporate and educational sectors, I have a broad perspective and experience developing training solutions for many types of industry. Now, as a freelance learning consultant and developer, I am able to customize my projects to best suit client needs and provide ongoing support. My mission is to develop professional-quality learning products that add value.


I hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems from Jacksonville State University and a Master of Education in Instructional Design from Western Governor's University.

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