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Welcome. I'm Nicole, an independent learning consultant specializing in learner and user experience design. I partner with companies to determine the best approach to solving training needs. I combine my knowledge of learning science and digital technology to create effective learning tools.

I design effective learning tools.

Throughout my two-decade career, I have served in many roles including media producer, digital artist, and project manager. I can create a beginning-to-end training product or plug in as a member of your production team at any step of the product life cycle from research to testing. I'd love to hear from you and see how we can partner together!

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"Nicole is the real deal. She is organized, precise, and easy to work with. I've watched her build complex projects and design documents from scratch, and she is helping me redesign the curriculum for one of my paid instructional design courses. If you're looking for an instructional designer who advocates for the learner and knows how to add value with her well-developed ID skillset, then Nicole is the consultant for you."

Devlin Peck
Founder/CEO, Peck Consulting, LLC

"I worked directly with Nicole for many years providing multimedia services for corporate and government customers, including NASA, SAIC, and Adtran. I am always impressed with Nicole's professionalism and ability to conceive an idea and carry it through to the finish line. Nicole is the complete package -- project manager, communication strategist, graphic designer, programmer, and problem solver."

Darlene Smith
Communications Strategist/Multimedia Creator, PCI Productions

"At a time when technology was forcing change to traditional teaching methods, Nicole was hired as a computer lab teacher at Legacy Elementary School to challenge the technology status quo. Nicole provided the level of rigor and relevance in the computer lab that established a culture of collaboration and enrichment. Whether your time is spent in K-12 or the corporate world, relationships with one another and your work is key to success. Nicole certainly has a way of bridging the gap during this paradigm shift in all facets of today’s culture."

Keith Trawick
School Principal, Madison County School System

"Thanks for being a fabulous partner on our project these past few months. We've been so impressed with the skills and approach you bring to the table."

Sharon Lo
Senior Training Manager, Fairfield

"It was always so refreshing going into Nicole's computer class. She was able to keep all the students engaged no matter their technology level. I always loved sitting in and learning the different platforms of technology alongside my students. Nicole built collaborative lessons and challenged students to take ownership in their part of each activity. Her students were excited to go to computer class each week!"

Marge Dahl
Educator, Madison County Board of Education

"Nicole is an effective collaborator, who is amiable to work with and strategic in the actions she takes to create value in any project she takes on. Nicole is result-oriented while staying empathetic to the needs of her audience. She leads projects to ensure that all needs are met by her learners and users. Nicole influences those around her to keep growing in their practice."

Aleksandra Drobik
Learning Experience Designer, Fidelity Investments

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